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Electrochemical Engineering Technician
MedTech Ventures    Phoenix, AZ 85018
 Posted 13 days    

We are seeking an experienced electrochemical engineering technician to join an established team for biosensor development for a startup venture. This is a part-time position with equity only compensation in a venture-backed startup. Work will be performed through LaBelleLabs, a med tech research and development laboratory operated in partnership with Grand Canyon University. This opportunity will provide the right candidate with an opportunity to work with qualified professionals in an established development lab on a ground-breaking biosensor application for early stage equity participation.

Job Description:
Labellelabs is the technology development partner on this venture and features projects with applications in biomedical engineering, electrical engineering, chemical engineering, and computer engineering. As an Electrochemical Engineering Technician you will experience hands-on projects, professional growth, and exposure to a wide array of technology as part of our multidisciplinary team. Successful electrochemical engineering technicians may have the opportunity to continue on with LaBelleLabs in a part-time or fulltime capacity.
As part of this project, you will be instrumental in creating a new to market biosensor and handheld device targeted for market introduction in 2021. Novel biosensors will be developed using electrochemical techniques for both point-of-care detection application. General responsibilities will include working with students, completing lab projects, developing deliverables, and performing updates to staff and stakeholders.
● Adhere to all lab practices and polices
● Plan, manage, and track research projects
● Perform status updates, resource management, and project plans
● Promote quality project planning and execution
● Develop project schedules and meet development goals
● Perform budget development and risk assessment
● Facilitate effective team dynamics
● Facilitate proper lab and machine shop safety and training
● Research, develop, and test new technologies, theories, chemicals, and materials
● Design and evaluate test protocols and perform experimental design practices
● Design and fabricate prototypes
● Perform data analysis using statistical techniques
● Communicate research results to students, team members, and staff
● Communicate with industry personnel and team members to progress project goals
● Attend conferences and expand industry contacts to enhance future/current project development
● Perform additional roles as requested
Skills and knowledge
● Previous engineering project design and project management experience
● Knowledge of electrochemical techniques, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy preferred
● Experience with biosensor development, including modifying surface chemistry
● Previous project planning, product design, and budget development experience
● Knowledge of customer and stakeholder interaction
● Knowledge of lab standards and testing
● Experience practicing safe lab practices
● Ability to communicate effectively, make decisions, negotiate, think critically, and work independently
Physical requirements
● Ability to lift over 50 pounds
● Expected to work independently and at computer for long periods of time
Minimum Job Requirements:
● Bachelor’s degree in an engineering or science related field
● 5+ years of related job experience
● Knowledge of FDA regulatory pathway
● Knowledge developing experimental design, project design, and value creation
● Knowledge of electrochemistry
● Communication skills (Oral and written)
● Ability to manage time constraints, prioritize work, and coordinate multiple tasks
● Ability to work onsite and remote, if needed

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