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Logistics Analyst - Yuma Marine Corps Air Station
HCI Integrated Solutions    Yuma, AZ 85366

Logistics Analyst - Yuma Marine Corps Air Station

GSA Retail Operations 4PL Logistics Support Services Contract

Yuma, AZ


HCI | integrated solutions is currently looking for a Logistics Analyst II in Yuma, AZ. The Logistics Analyst II will be responsible for the following:

1. Process referrals using an electronic requisition system.

2. Maintain physical records of all transactions for six years.

3. Conduct research on requisition status, i.e. back order status, reconcile partial orders, incorrect orders, and financial errors.

4. Create and submit ad hoc reports as required.

5. Attend to IT issues.

a) Reply to NOC and EIOC for any queries of down computers or connectivity.

b) Remove and replace computers as instructed by GSA IT.

6. Attend meetings with customers to be able to determine requirements and customer initiatives that will impact GSA support for that customer.

1. Possess the maturity, judgment and initiative to be able to work semi-autonomously, e.g. be able to set priorities with minimal guidance.

2. Good organizational skills

3. Have good communication skills, orally and in writing. For instance, must be able to explain to customers how to use the GSA order process to meet the customers- requirements.


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