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Basketball Photographer (Arizona)
Prep Network    Gilbert, AZ 85295

About Prep Hoops

Prep Hoops ( is the platform for high school basketball visibility. Prep Hoops has over 150 writers in 40+ states and produces 1,500+ articles a month on high school and grassroots basketball.

In order to more effectively cover as many players as possible, we’re always looking to build our team with hardworking, hoops junkies who are passionate about growing the game and providing coverage to players who may not get it otherwise.


You will attend the Prep Hoops Arizona Top 250 Expos ( hosted at Inspire Courts AZ in Gilbert, Arizona on October 10th, and you will be expected to be on-site beginning at 1:30 pm.

The main objective for this one-day event are headshots of each athlete in attendance, delivered the day of the event. During check-in, we will have each player come to you for a standard headshot. This way, each player will at least have one photo taken of them. Scroll to the bottom for instructions regarding the headshots. Share all photos with . JPEG and PNG files only.

In regard to action photos during the gameplay, we don't need to capture the perfect play nor do we need many photos, but we are looking for clear photos of the front of players (Number and face visible) . Anywhere from 20-50 total action shots during the day is more than sufficient. Maximize the downtime! Play stoppages and in-between the action photos are the #1 goal and lead to the best photos for our use. Light edits are recommended but photos don’t need to be perfect.

You will be asked to share all photos with as soon as possible — and no later than the following day — via Google Drive or DropBox so that we can utilize them in a timely fashion.

Headshot Instructions

+ Set up the backdrop

+ Take out the stand and fully extend it (should stand roughly 7’ tall) - put the clip at the top.

+ Unfold backdrop and attach the loop to the top of the backdrop clip.

+ Place backdrop as flat as possible in front of a plain wall.

+ We DON’T want the backdrop twisted at all costs.

+ Taking the photo(s) ( TAKE 2 PHOTOS of each participant )

+ Photo 1: Make sure their number is visible and you can see their face.

+ The purpose of this photo is to be able to identify who is who afterward for labeling purposes. On the headshot, you will be too close to the player to see their number, so this one is simply to identify the player.

+ Photo 2 (Headshot):

+ Capture from just below the logo on their jersey to several inches above the player

+ Give their head some space

+ The image can always be cropped tighter later if necessary. Don’t worry about including the lower torso and legs.

+ Make sure the player is standing directly in front of the backdrop

+ Make sure you are in a direct line with the player and backdrop so the backdrop does not appear to be at an angle

+ Make sure you cannot see the stand for the backdrop in the photo

+ Putting away the backdrop

+ Watch this YouTube video (

What we provide

+ We will pay you $300 by way of a paper check, as soon as we receive the photographs.

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